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June 11, 2008 / kingthunder

Lions for Lambs

In my silent moment, Tuhan berbicara lewat berbagai hal yang di luar perkiraan gw. Well, gw coba 2′ communicate satu hal yang Dia ungkapkan in my heart. My Heart is full with His desire, I cry and I cry and cry … cause what I see truly break my heart.

Maybe ada dari antara temen2 yang udah pernah nonton film Lions for Lambs (2007) … hmm gw rasa some of you need to watch this movie … Lewat movie ni I hear the sound of history, the sound of the present and the sound of the future.

Film ini menghadirkan tiga alur kisah perjalanan sebuah generasi di sebuah bangsa. Film di bintangi great actor dari Hollywood.

Featuring: Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Michael Pena, Derek Luke
Director: Robert Redford
Producer: Andrew Hauptman, Matthew Michael Carnahan, Tracy Falco

Di mulai dari situasi dimana peperangan semakin sengit terjadi melawan terorisme di Amerika dan Dunia dan kemudian Senator Irving (Tom Cruise) launch a new strategy to win the war on terror and also win heart and the mind of the people. The strategy is to take the high ground (sound like take the 7M)

Many thing God reveal lewat this movie and again I suggest you to watch this movie. I pray that you get what I get bahkan lebih. Now, I stop my mouth and I better wait to hear from you – pengalaman apa yang temen2 alami saat menonton film ini.

Beberapa potongan2 percakapan dalam film ni:

– Fearless – being terrified but willing yourself to the next step

– Who want a be part of experience that is not about your race, is not about your wealth not even where you come from – common only because we’re American (we’re Indonesian – we’re Sons of the Kingdom)

– These events will gone define our life …

– Orang yang memimpin adalah orang yang bekerja ketika ada yang harus di kerjakan. Apa kau maju disaat kau dibutuhkan ? atau diam saja di belakang and let the other people do left thing for you.

– We can change things … if … if … (God with us who can be against us)

– “If everything is so bad, how can you enjoy the good life? Rome (Indonesia) is burning son, and the problem is with us, all of us, that do nothing – just maneuver”

So guys,
There’s some generation that swim only in fish tank, in the pool, or a cross the river but here come a generations yg cukup gila to swim a cross the oceans.



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  1. Yudhi Gejali / Jun 11 2008 1:13 pm

    Wah..sound it is Great Movie..
    I will watch it!
    Hope God teachs me something…

  2. Tigis / Jun 12 2008 9:54 am

    Kalo ngeliat deretan aktris/aktornya kyknya menjanjikan. Tp film ini kyknya ga begitu sukses ya di amrik. N’tar deh kalo ada wkt dan kebetulan maen gue pengen ntn.

    btw, lam kenal ya 🙂

  3. kingthunder / Jun 20 2008 7:11 am

    @ Yudhi
    Enjoy the movie or maybe already –

    @ Tigis
    Oke lah nice to meet you , bless u bro’

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