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May 2, 2008 / kingthunder

Announce Your Dreams

Your dream should be too big to contain. This was the experience of Solomon. In 2 Chronicles 2:5, he says, And the house which I build is great. Your dream should be so big that it unleashes conversation around you.

This is important. Your dream must be big enough to consume you, or it will not move you. It must consume your time, your mind, and your conversation. Listen to Solomon’s own words from 1 Kings 5:5, And, behold, I purpose to build an house unto the name of the LORD my God, as the LORD spake unto David my father, saying, Thy son … shall build an house unto my name.

When you are in love, you tell everyone. You simply cannot keep it quiet. Your heart is on fire and excitement throbs within you. Every thought is about that person. Telling others also destroys the option to fail. One of the great explorers in the new world burned the boats after his arrival on shore to ensure that his fighting men would not run away from the challenge ahead.

You must do the same. If you whisper to yourself, I’d better not tell anyone about my dream so I won’t look stupid if I fail, you have created a bridge back to yesterday. Stop building bridges to your past; it divides your attention and dilutes your energy and enthusiasm. You will be too busy considering yesterday to abandon yourself to your future. Announce your dream boldly to others. It can make such a wonderful difference to your success. Are you somewhat embarrassed by your dream? Then, review it again. Something is missing. Your dream should be something that fuels the fire within you. It should make you want to wake up earlier than everyone else and get started each day.

I wear a beautiful golden nugget bracelet engraved with the number of my desired weight. It keeps me focused and excited. When I look at it, I can see myself achieving my ideal weight. Yes, I have even told my family and staff about my desired goal. What if I fail? I will not. And I have everything to gain by creating a climate of expectation around my life. It is often true that those who have no expectations of their own for their lives will be moved toward the expectations of others. It happened to Solomon’s father. David announced to his brothers, King Saul, and the whole army, his intention to kill Goliath. He could not go back. He staked a claim with his words.

I really believe something remarkable happens in your life when you seize a dream boldly, confidently, and with abandonment. Obstacles move out of your way. Those who might oppose you feel embarrassed. They are reluctant to stand and confront you.

When you announce your dream, doubters are forced to expose themselves or stand silent. Either way, you are helped. You see, when your announced goal or dream agitates your enemies, they will reveal themselves. This will expose their strategies and help you prepare for battle.

Noah announced that it was going to rain. He could not go back. His faith became focused on his words. Doubt could no longer serve as a refuge. People were waiting to see if he was a true prophet. (Obviously, it is not necessary or even appropriate to announce every part of your plans. Some things require discretion and confidentiality.)

The following eight miraculous things will happen when you boldly announce your dream:

1. Those who believe and stand with you will be instantly energized and encouraged. You have just given them a reason to function in your world. Their assignment is now clear and you have just released them from any options and potential alternatives.
2. Those who stand with you will suddenly become creative in their ideas for assisting you. They will remember vendors, contacts, and special business connections related to your dream. If you were to stay silent and not announce your goal, they would remain withdrawn and quiet in their own tiny world of mediocrity.
3. Those who are tempted to oppose you may suddenly weaken and decide to join you when they see your determination. Boldness is magnetic. It changes a potential obstacle into a bridge of opportunity.. Your declaration allows them to tap into an invisible reservoir of energy, enthusiasm, and purpose that lies dormant within them. Those who are weak often become strong in the
presence of the hold.
4. Those who might disagree with you privately are forced to expose themselves to you publicly. Their countenance will send a message. If they have privately opposed you, your public declaration will require them to respond publicly before the faces of those they have poisoned. At that point, they may give you all the reasons you cannot succeed. This helps you because, as my dear friend Sherman Owens teaches, unhappy voices always provide uncommon ideas.
5. When you announce your dream boldly, you make it more difficult to fail. Your declaration removes your option to go backward, leaving you free to abandon yourself to methods that can succeed. An incredible flow of energy, enthusiasm, and ideas are then released toward your new dream. Your heart and spirit are energized. No one can really explain why words are so powerful, but those who practice the martial arts know that even the chants of the crowd can affect a fighter in the ring.
6. When you boldly announce your dream, you instantly create a golden connection, a common denominator, for every person who has wanted to accomplish such a dream. Others will be happy to assist you because you have linked everyone instantly to one common goal.
7. When you boldly announce your dream, you instantly expose your enemies. When they see your boldness, they will move swiftly to stop you. This always gives you an advantage because an enemy exposed can become an enemy defeated. An unexposed enemy is far more dangerous to you.
8. When you boldly announce your dream, nonessential tasks that do not help you achieve that dream are exposed and can be eliminated. Those around you must know your priorities. Otherwise, you will pick up hundreds of small burdens along the way that have nothing to do with the achievement of your dream. The sooner they are exposed, the sooner they can be eliminated.

In Genesis 37 through 41, we read that Joseph experienced this when he announced his dream to his brothers. They immediately turned on him. It might appear that he made a mistake. But, in the long term, the hatred of his brothers moved him quickly into the land of Egypt where, in a few short years, his power and influence were surpassed only by that of the Pharaoh.

Miraculous things occur when you take decisive action and boldly announce your dreams. This type of declaration is one of the Golden Secrets that helped Solomon become The Richest Man Who Ever Lived.

Taken from the book “Secret of The Richest Man Who Ever Lived” author DR. Mike Murdock.



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  1. ona / May 2 2008 8:19 pm

    Aih… hihehehe.. ma kasih blog nya kk..

    kemaren ini lagi mikirin ini banget..
    Ona tuh suka gembor-gembar mimpi ona, terus suka mikir juga, aduh kalo gak kesampean gimana yah, rasanya konyol.. 😛

    Belajar dari Daud.. bener juga yah.. ! ih bener banget.. 😀

    THx Alodz..!

  2. kingthunder / May 5 2008 9:38 am

    oce deh keep hold your dream and speak out …..>

    Bless u Ona ….

  3. Yudhi H.Gejali / May 5 2008 5:19 pm amazing when we, christian, can see our dream….
    If we know our dream, let’s make sure that our dream is come from GOD, not our carnal ambitions…

    And when we sure that is from GOD..
    Let we fix our eyes on Target..
    Let we focus our energy to reach it…
    Let we Pray hard for that…
    When our dream come true, Let GOD only be glorified..

    Please, christian…
    Please find your dream and your destiny…

    (ask permission for link bro..)

  4. kingthunder / May 6 2008 2:34 am

    You got it bro’ 100% wright. Thanks for the advice – i believe many believer now already aware that everyone of us hv a special things – hv assignment and all we done is all about HIM.

    So enjoy your journey with your Honey – Jesus the Bridegroom Warrior King.

  5. cwxwwwxwwxwx / Dec 23 2008 8:05 pm

    well, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

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