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April 28, 2008 / kingthunder

d’ LION Market

Joseph D. Askins- I was down on Wall Street praying when I had a vision. People were coming out the stock markets. They were looking and saying, is it a bear market? Is it a bull market? What is the market? They were looking to get the information on what to do because you know what, whether it goes high or low, there are people that make money both ways. We were watching and looking and all of a sudden, a dark like cloud shadow started to over shadow the bull. Is it a bull or a bear shadow? Which one is it? All of a sudden as it over shadowed the entire bull, the outline is that of a lion’s head.

What I heard the Lord say was, “I am going to come and get My Lion’s share of this market because the gold is Mine, the silver is Mine, and those that begin to hear and know what I AM saying will know what to do in this hour. “Father, we declare that there is going to be dissolution of the alignment with the Baal Mammon. We say in every stock market around the earth; there will be a new market arising. Known as the Lion’s Market, it will be all over the earth… that there will be trading going on to see your kingdom established. We declare that the Lion shall have His share. Hallelujah!

Cindy Jacobs- The Lord gave me a scripture, Hosea 11: 10… “They shall walk after the LORD: he shall roar like a lion: when he shall roar, then the children shall tremble from the west.” You are not going to get gored by the bull or torn up by the bear, but your going to be safe as the Lion begins to roar…. whatever you’ve got, you need to lift it up to Me. That My shadow might begin to shine down on it and you would receive a blessing to know what to do, with what I have given you, because everything you have belongs to Me and I have given it to you to establish My covenant in the earth. Now that covenant is with you. You have a portion of this covenant in the Earth, that the enemy has been stealing because we have put our trust in Baal Mammon and not in the Lion from the Tribe of Judah.

Chuck D. Pierce- “Now let a roar overtake that which has overshadowed your supply line. This is the start of a wave all over, around the earth. There is a catalyst going on, changing the financial systems in this Earth realm. We say the Lion of Judah is rising up in His people. There will be transference. The bull will not reign. The bear will not reign. But the Lion will reign and God’s people with the Lion will rule in the economic realm. Give a shout up into the heavens. Then Chuck prophesied that we are entering into a new season to wear new mantles, where the Alpha & Omega will begin to produce great fruit through us.



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  1. Ona / Apr 28 2008 5:29 pm

    Yea! Ketika Tuhan bertakhta, siapa yang akan bertahan?
    Jika Allah di pihak kita, siapa dapat melawan?

    Rrrrghh!! jadi pengen mengaum.. hehehe *lho?* 😀

  2. Volmer / Apr 29 2008 1:30 pm

    Dunia lagi bingung….
    Stock Market mau kemana?
    It’s bull (naek) or bear (turun)…
    Resesi?? Inflasi??
    Crude Oil naek ampe 120…
    Awal 2008 sampai sekarang banyak yg rugi di Stock Market…
    Termasuk di Indonesia…

    It’s not gambling nor speculating..
    But God will revealed to His people the wisdom of Investing and rule over the market….

    “But the Lion will reign and God’s people with the Lion will rule in the economic realm..”

    The Lion roar…….
    (This is the anointing: “to rule with force”, to intimidate and destroy the enemies)

    The Lion in the market….
    The Lion of Judah rules…

    I believe that will happen very soon….


  3. kingthunder / May 1 2008 10:44 am

    @ Ona
    hei! suaranya kok pelan banget, come on ona this is a lion roarrrr……

    @ Volmer
    yeah l can hear your sound bro’ (100% in)

    Bless u all.

  4. ona / May 2 2008 8:18 pm

    OK! Then once AGAINNN!!


    Ini Lion atawa Godzilla ?? 0_o!! 😀

  5. kingthunder / May 5 2008 9:36 am

    Yea, cape deh @#! wuiiiiii Godzilla itu fake, Ona and Godzilla hv no voice, no authority, no personality bla bla bla bla bla

    please deh I am serious …………………… 😆

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