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April 14, 2008 / kingthunder

have …


Have peace enough to pass all understanding.

Have hope enough to keep your heart looking forward.

Have strength enough to battle obstacles and overcome them.

Have commitment enough to not give up too soon.

Have faith enough to please God.

Have fun enough to enjoy every aspect of life.

Have patience enough to let faith complete its work in you.

Have love enough to give to those who deserve it the least but need it the most.

Have focus enough to say no to many good ideas.

Have forgiveness enough to never let the sun go down on your wrath.

Have honesty enough to never have to remember what you said.

Have character enough to do in the light what you would do in the dark.

Have gratitude enough to say “thank you” for the small things.

Have purpose enough to know why not just how.

Have perseverance enough to run the entire race that is set out before you.

Have wisdom enough to fear God and obey Him.

Have responsibility enough to be the most dependable person you know.

Have confidence enough to know that you and God make a majority.

Have kindness enough to share what you have and who you are with others.

Have mercy enough to forgive and forget.

Have devotion enough to do the right things on a daily basis.

Have courage enough to face and fight any opposition to what you know is right.

Have optimism enough to know that God’s plans are blessed.

Have trust enough to know that God will direct your steps.

Have expectancy enough to be on the lookout for miracles every day.

Have enthusiasm enough to show that God is in you.

Have obedience enough to do what is right without thinking twice.

Have direction enough to know when and where to go.

Have knowledge enough to have your mind continually renewed.

Have credibility enough to cause others to want to work together with you.

Have generosity enough to give before being asked.

Have compassion enough to be moved by the needs of others.

Have loyalty enough to be committed to others.

Have dependence enough to know that you need God.

– by John Mason, from the book An Enemy Called Average


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