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March 19, 2008 / kingthunder

Generasi Baru Sekuler

Tuhan berkata, Aku mencari seorang yang akan memiliki iman ini, Aku mencari seorang yang memilki visi ini, Aku mencari seorang yang bersedia berjalan di atas air dan berlari ke arah-Ku dan mempercayai Aku.

Tuhan berkata, Aku melepaskan generasi of millionaires, of billionaires, of entrepreneurs, of pioneers, of those who would exercise dominion in particular spheres and sectors of society, those who would shape the culture.

The Lord says, My eyes are looking to and fro in the earth to see who is humbling themselves, to see who is on their face, to see who would give me the glory,  untuk melihat siapakah yang desperate melihat pergerakan Tuhan di muka bumi. Tuhan berkata, I am passing out mantles. I am passing out assignments.

Don’t let me pass you by.

By Ps Bruce Cook


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