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December 23, 2007 / kingthunder

Because of You I Live

Guyz, gue pengen loe pade enjoy energetic, deep and passionate penyembahan dari pelayanan profetik dari Prophet Kim Clement. It will booster ur spirit fly up closer to the Throne of God. Gue sayang banget ama Prophet Kim Clement, penyembahannya gue banget … Prophet Kim adalah salah satu dari nabi yang Tuhan pakai untuk berbicara Secret of God bagi Amerika. Gue percaya juga bahwa di generasi ini sudah hadir Prophet2 untuk Indonesia-NYA yg reveal God Secret for bring His Kingdom in fullness. We will becoming a generations that bring terror to the enemy and bawa pengharapan buat dunia. Take dominion all over the world !!! For The earth is the LORD’S, and all it contains, The world, and those who dwell in it …
Cool bangetkan … well anggap aja Christmas gift hahaha buat JC Blogger … and all faithful generations … (must denger paling dikit 7x)


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  1. sigid / Dec 27 2007 11:46 am

    Merry a Christmas bro …. 😀

  2. kingthunder / Dec 28 2007 12:48 am

    Thank you, Merry Christmas too …

    God Bless You! Bro …

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